Translation of the sura she recited:

1.By Time (swearing eternity).

2.The human being is in loss.

3. Except those who believe (in Islam), and do good works, and encourage truth, and recommend patience (like prophet Mohammad saw).

Quran #103



From truetips24.com
Wonder wot made her choose 1 particular sura out of 114 – is it bcoz it is a small sura, does she want to change the arabic meaning of the word asr to bangla meaning of the word meaning possessed  (she is from West Bengal) or she believes only in khatimun nabiat (Prophet Mohammad saw is the seal of prophethood) of Islam. Maybe she thinks Quran is just another poetry book.

We shouldn’t b fooled by these stunts. Maybe she has an extremely controversial n deeply disrespectful towards Islam movie plan in the future n gearing up to it. Y else someone not believing in Islam wud want to draw muslim’s attention in a press opportunity unless she has ill intention or not having a minimum respect for Allah, who has made it a book for knowledge seekers (wonder again which tafsir she read to understand sura asr) & Muslims. Remember shabana azmi n her role in a distasteful n haram promoting movie fire? I wouldn’t b too surprised if something so nasty comes out from the miss universe of the president mr universe🙏☠️.

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https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158840804945615&id=614945614  or,

Another SS of Sam

Melting Islam


Quantity or Tawakkul http://munirsselections.blogspot.com/2016/06/quantity-or-tawakkul.html

Re: Piccard on Previous Marriages.





Who Wrote This & Y?


The blog they won’t allow 2b posted frm blogger.com



Re: The Power of Sorcery of US & UK Govt.

These 2 evil nations sorcery power has almost reached the summit. They can put any individual under torture of nonstop garbage n filth talking specially mentioning the names of all the sorcerer, religious extremists terrorists presidents n pms, equally evil their intelligence agencies names, exposed terrorists bankers nsmes, the names of the ass kissing countries helping in Niger’s so far clever Muslim killing plans. Loud n quiet mixed n matched with pains till 1 practically turns insane n like them becomes a mean minded evil revenge hunting christians looking for excuses for harm or bloohsheds. And excuses r being read in2 the mind mostly on family members. So the mantra n jjop  (the reason behind choosing these words bcoz Hindu bhogoban jinns r used in this vengeance) continues if not kill then at least make the physique n mind tired.  Then during 24 hours comes a break time when these homosexual retards hav already decided a topic 2 pove pen is mightier then sword.  A topic just hits the mind n I keep on writing till a sadistic satisfaction comes that NATO monkeys will force these 2 evils 2 step down n put all of them under ICC custody. 

A revenge seeker niger with his white nigger lover runns off asap after the post only for the gay ambassadors of these 2 Muslim hater hypocrit nations 2 restart the tortures with blak mail 2 life threat of using my own countrys Govt (as if we r British like satellite nation of america).  That is y evev several times noticed n thot of adding in the above list of jopped torturers the bhogoban thru torture n an exoert memory eraser managed  2 not mention the ambassadors so far,   Again  usually this crook does everything with a double agenda, here 2 confuse minds with divide n conquer between president n àmbassador.

Y under 1 particular topic I m not allowed 2 post frn blogger?   It’s.the last1 of the titles given below.
Anyway, last nite the blog  I or whoever “inspired” me 2 write is all true.  But the point is whether I hav written enuf 2 scare the world writing about these 2 monkey my foot gods of sorcery powers or wud I hav chosen 2 sleep instead – I wish I knew the answer. Allah is watching over all things n the tuffest of all judges.


Unabated Tortures & Killings





It was long due.  Like everybody’s death, allah also predetermines when 1 shud do wot thru guidance, prudance n wisdom or leaving the recalcitrants for the shytwans. This is either bcoz he wants 2 reward or humiliate some1 depending on 1s actions. That dosent mean he interferes in2 1s life or coerses certain immoral, unethical  actions n if can’t (astagfirillah) enslave him, isolate him n put him under blackmailing and/or death threats. Even when that fails then slowly (sometimes abruptly like car accidents) keeps attempting on his life over a long period of time so that everyone wud think death occurred due 2 consequences of chain of events n so called diseases like PD.  Just illustrated god acting outrageous certain schemes of brit n us govts (possibly Israelis too). Instead of such coward evil acts, allah gives full freedom 2 both evil n good n tests both.

The time passes but evil can’t supersede or kill the truth despite its might.  Then truth comes out mashallah crushing the spell n by the wish of Allah starts humiliating the shameless axis of evil who r still using technology n sorcery 2 save their skins much more than ever just 2 b ridiculed n called gods of ambitious small brains.

Allah is probably luffing at this hapless idiots bcoz he has locked them with a death date.  Hopefully inshallah after they r publicly proved as evil, liers n bigots who r living in a fools world thinking they hav fooled us. In such confrontations usually 1 survives n that is ALLWAYS allahs team mashallah bcoz he says in the Quran no 1 knows wot is comprised of his hidden forces.  Not only that he is the only 1 who has the creator priveledge of fixing the death date as already mentioned n all encompassiing knowledge including about the unknown future.  So how it works? Simple. He is just keeping an eye on the transgressors n for their each n every action (which he knows but leaves undisturbed) he had already defined their fate.  More clearly for their certain actions they might b recalled immediately or probably delayed by a few more days. Does he changes fate if action changes?  It’s already answered above. Does he forces change of action or fate sometimes? A foolish question. When he wants something 2 b done all he does is that he says “qun” or be n that gets done immediately.  So if he c’s few lunatics r trying him everyday thinking themselves smartass gods bankers, president s n pm s
alltogether n trying 2 change his defined destiny eg., use nukes 2 kill all on earth bcoz they hav been exposed n humiliated n will hav 2 face trial – y wud Allah allow that before his predetermined day of kiyamah.  All he will inshallah do is say “qun” for wot he has decided for these n that will b done in a blink.
N I earnestly pray 2 Allah that their evil wishes, unjust actions, immorality, unethical actions thru sorcery that they achieve 2 b immediately n directly returned bak upon them w/o hurting any1 or anything they want 2 hurt or destroy n bak on 2 their governments n innocent people (not so innocent like ours bcoz they never take the pressure off their govts 2 keep the economy growing regardless n doing nothing about the barbaric noexcuse wars of killing muslims n looting their resources n wealths). Also bcoz these lunatics r killing large #s of innocent people everywhere indiscriminantly just 2 make a point which is again a setup of lies n deceits hidden behind it indiscriminent making of money.  We r not trained 2 think n act like mafias least 2 allow our government s 2 bring these cultures in. Plain n simply we want 2 hold on 2 our highly priced n rare truth culture of Islam – LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

I want 2 c how far arrogant n stupid can this super my foot power nation can go with evil sorcerer president Obama.  How can a govt n nation actually can sustain on shyrwans help n friendship. They hav created banks 2 loot n kill, with iblis shytwans brain the retard nation has nuclear weapons 2 destroy the earth several times but their president who thru cia n ambassadors kills innocent peoples dosent even realize since his birth he is locked by allah for an or no ocasssion, or mayb like Hitler this muslim killer will choose suicide.  Who cares so long justice is served n truth prevails, the sooner the better.  The next 1 won’t b any better as was the case with the  previous 1s.   Craps like British pms n us presidents come n.go trying 2 make a vicious, hostile, greedy, shameless liers n crooks world.  They only succeed with the “confused” n “compromised” opportunist few. Otherwise these r clowns of history n now proven evils.  I feel pitty but unforgiving 2wards Obama n his xsectioal followers frm brits, hindus, sauds, Jews, church of england, buddists 2 vaticans clowns.  Bcoz  all 2gether they r evils now beyond control but soon inshallah will b spotted by the conxious world for evil cleansing. Allah is watching over all things.

Munir Chowdhury

Citi East India Co.



A Leader in Every Sphere of Life http://span.state.gov/education/renu-khator/20160301#.Vu5ioFerN0w.twitter

rani, a Bengali Indian, president of u of h is highly admired by the Americans. I don’t know her personally but read a few articles on her, 1 of them written by her self. Her leadership seems 2 me is driven in a classical American way ie., telling n showing people that connecting with the students (comparable 2 corporate culture of CEOs connecting with employees), raise fund n keep expanding the research money 2 bring in new innovations. I haven’t read much about the result on research increased vs new innovation ratio or outcome. 1st of all I was surprised 2 c the decision of attempting 2 turn uh in2 a research univ. when there r already highly rated nationally n also very heavily funded well recognised universities in Texas eg., univ of tx system, rice, Baylor,smu. Her another corporate like mgmt style is 2 hobnob with celebrities by
providing scholarships for the local teenage celebrities. Whereas an aspiring national research univ shud b talking n looking for all sorts of talents from all over the world n us thru adequate scholarship pgms. The reason, u might think me being critical, but actually objective about ranis mgmt is bcoz I hav worked under similar talk all do nothing Indian mgmt who was heavily rewarded by his American bosses but was never understood by me then. I was rather muted so that nothing -ve goes out in my reportings. Of course after a few jaw breaking punch reports none of which the American clowns sitting in Mumbai, London, ny in the name of matrix mgmt cud prove wrong. It took me 5 yrs of working with these nincompoops n aft that 15 more yrs 2 c how they unveil a nation destruction pgm designed by these 2 nations “bankers”. So that is y amidst all these hyped up publicity by rani herself or others, which looks 2 me more promoting her rather then showing true
achievements, brings out the question wot lies behind the scene?

PS: the following replacement of the Indian was a Brit. This was exactly in a similar role but less talkative. 1 xtra quality this 1 had was he wud do facial caricatures 2 show his annoyance if he cud remotely smell even a constructive criticism about his predecessor. So the east India cos divide n conquer is very much alive, in with it new imperialist america.




These 25 Companies Are More Powerful Than Many Countries | Foreign Policy


New name for the privileged few.  Basically multinational corporations or MNCs gone “viral”.  Nothing new in it except every few years new terminologies r coined 2 create a hype on basically exploiting the lesser developed world filled with corruption n ineffective laws 2 protect their interests n exploit their talents.  So the poorer countries say we hav got foreign investments when they allow these mammoth MNCs in2 their countries, who already had their legal dept 2 do their homework n researched inside out of all the weeknesses n gaps in all the areas they operate eg., labor, taxation, financial (central bank circulars 2 ministry of finance ordinances), foreign xchange regimes laws, board of investments facilities et al..  Objective 2 turn every little  loopholes in2 money making opportunities.

So these mostly american metanationals or ole MNCs r allmost looked upon as donor agencies infusing few million capital and/ or infrastructure dollars.  They then become local paymasters comparable 2 other employers although an ordinary employee of these companies wud b able 2 hav corruption less glitzy middle class life with hardly any savings for the future.  The earings 2 payout 2 employees ratio in their exploiting land is ridiculous compared 2 bak home.  But in a hi jobless mkt they go unchallenged.  Here is a huge income that is never given a name or even ever mentioned, n all these on top of the tax holidays most of these enjoys.  Then they hav the IMF working on their behalf 2 devalue the currency which helps them 2 extend their holidays n increase their local revenue base.  A fatter local b/s helps 2 boost their home stock prices.  Then comes the worst scenario. These MNCs hoarded income is most of the times much larger than their host countries GDP.  This brings the saga of political intervention 2 exploit more.  Reminds me the most popular TV serial Dallas where oil tycoon Jr ewing ordering over fon 2 his employee in a small south american country 2 change the government 2 win drilling rites.  Jr’s answer 2 his rather surprised employee was money buys everything.  we were tot in the marketing classes thru a very senior exec of morton thiacol who r famous for making salts 2 rocket engines (another terminology 2 define these big evils, conglomerates) that it’s a doggy dog world out there so sometimes u throw away the ethics n wotever students learn in these classes n adopt extra curricular activities, I hav named.  Then he mentioned 1 such activity of his Co that was going on then which I wud rather not mention bcoz it’s considered highly immoral in our 1st n foremost ethics n guidance ie., islam.

Some might think that these 25 (n quite a few more) r genious n clean as their angels but 2 me they r the coz of global exploitation n economic disasters. They r shytwans ambition 2 create a ruling few over the rest (out of 25 max r american, anglo or european n only 4 Asian regardless where they r registered as head office bcoz it is the mgmt that matters).  Once u allow them eventually they become fish bones stuck in yor throat, neither can u swallow them or spit them out.


These 25 Companies Are More Powerful Than Many Countries
Going stateless to maximize profits, multinational companies are vying with governments for global power. Who is winning?

At first glance, the story of Accenture reads like the archetype of the American dream. One of the world’s biggest consulting companies, which commands tens of billions of dollars in annual revenues, was born in the 1950s as a small division of accounting firm Arthur Andersen. Its first major project was advising General Electric to install a computer at a Kentucky facility in order to automate payment processing. Several decades of growth followed, and by 1989, the division was successful enough to become its own organization: Andersen Consulting.

Yet a deeper look at the business shows its ascent veering off the American track. This wasn’t because it opened foreign offices in Mexico, Japan, and other countries; international expansion is pro forma for many U.S. companies. Rather, Andersen Consulting saw benefits—fewer taxes, cheaper labor, less onerous regulations — beyond borders and restructured internally to take advantage of them. By 2001, when it went public after adopting the name Accenture, it had morphed into a network of franchises loosely coordinated out of a Swiss holding company. It incorporated in Bermuda and stayed there until 2009, when it redomiciled in Ireland, another low-tax jurisdiction. Today, Accenture’s roughly 373,000 employees are scattered across more than 200 cities in 55 countries. Consultants parachute into locations for commissioned work but often report to offices in regional hubs, such as Prague and Dubai, with lower tax rates. To avoid pesky residency status, the human resources department ensures that employees don’t spend too much time at their project sites.

Welcome to the age of metanationals: companies that, like Accenture, are effectively stateless. When business and strategy experts Yves Doz, José Santos, and Peter Williamson coined the term in a 2001 book, metanationals were an emerging phenomenon, a divergence from the tradition of corporations taking pride in their national roots. (In the 1950s, General Motors President Charles Wilson famously said, “What was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa.”) Today, the severing of state lifelines has become business as usual.

ExxonMobil, Unilever, BlackRock, HSBC, DHL, Visa—these companies all choose locations for personnel, factories, executive suites, or bank accounts based on where regulations are friendly, resources abundant, and connectivity seamless. Clever metanationals often have legal domicile in one country, corporate management in another, financial assets in a third, and administrative staff spread over several more. Some of the largest American-born firms — GE, IBM, Microsoft, to name a few — collectively are holding trillions of dollars tax-free offshore by having revenues from overseas markets paid to holding companies incorporated in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, or Singapore. In a nice illustration of the tension this trend creates with policymakers, some observers have dubbed the money “stateless income,” while U.S. President Barack Obama has called the companies hoarding it America’s “corporate deserters.”

It isn’t surprising, of course, when companies find new ways to act in their own interest; it’s surprising when they don’t. The rise of metanationals, however, isn’t just about new ways of making money. It also unsettles the definition of “global superpower.”

The debate over that term usually focuses on states—that is, can any country compete with America’s status and influence? In June 2015, the Pew Research Center surveyed people in 40 countries and found that a median of 48 percent thought China had or would surpass the United States as a superpower, while just 35 percent said it never would. Pew, however, might have considered widening its scope of research — for corporations are likely to overtake all states in terms of clout.

Already, the cash that Apple has on hand exceeds the GDPs of two-thirds of the world’s countries. Firms are also setting the pace vis-à-vis government regulators in a perennial game of cat-and-mouse. After the 2008 financial crisis, the U.S. Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act to discourage banks from growing excessively big and catastrophe-prone. Yet while the law crushed some smaller financial institutions, the largest banks — with operations spread across many countries — actually became even larger, amassing more capital and lending less. Today, the 10 biggest banks still control almost 50 percent of assets under management worldwide. Meanwhile, some European Union officials, including Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, are pushing for a common tax-base policy among member states to prevent corporations from taking advantage of preferential rates. But if that happened (and it’s a very big if), firms would just look beyond the continent for metanational opportunities.

The world is entering an era in which the most powerful law is not that of sovereignty but that of supply and demand. As scholar Gary Gereffi of Duke University has argued, denationalization now involves companies assembling the capacities of various locations into their global value chains. This has birthed success for companies, such as commodities trader Glencore and logistics firm Archer Daniels Midland, that don’t focus primarily on manufacturing goods, but are experts at getting the physical ingredients of what metanationals make wherever they’re needed.

Could businesses go a step further, shifting from stateless to virtual? Some people think so. In 2013, Balaji Srinivasan, now a partner at the venture-capital company Andreessen Horowitz, gave a much debated talk in which he claimed Silicon Valley is becoming more powerful than Wall Street and the U.S. government. He described “Silicon Valley’s ultimate exit,” or the creation of “an opt-in society, ultimately outside the U.S., run by technology.” The idea is that because social communities increasingly exist online, businesses and their operations might move entirely into the cloud.

Much as the notion of taxing a metanational based on its headquarters’ location now seems painfully antiquated, Srinivasan’s ultimate exit may ring of techie utopianism. If stateless companies live by one rule, however, it’s that there’s always another place to go where profits are higher, oversight friendlier, and opportunities more plentiful. This belief has helped nimble, mobile, and smart corporations outgrow their original masters, including the world’s reigning superpower. Seen in this light, metanationals disassociating from terrestrial restraints and harnessing the power of the cloud is anything but far-fetched. It may even be inevitable.

The Top 25 Corporate Nations



Number of Walmart employees:
2.2 million
Population of Slovenia:
2.1 million

ExxonMobil, whose roots stretch back to 1859, today boasts a 75,300-strong workforce that explores for oil and natural gas on six continents.

Royal Dutch Shell has oil interests in all corners of the world — more than 70 countries, to be exact — but the Anglo-Dutch multinational may have left its biggest footprint in Nigeria, where it has more than 50 oil-producing fields, a network of approximately 3,107 miles of oil and gas pipelines and flow lines, two major oil export terminals, and five gas plants.

Apple’s economic output (2014)
$87 billion
Oman’s annual GDP (2014)
$82 billion

Perhaps most notorious for its business interests in Africa, Glencore has the power to make or break economies there. In September 2015, it dealt a blow to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it has temporarily closed a mine, no longer profitable, that produced 20 percent of the country’s copper output.

Value of Samsung’s brand:
$45 billion
Value of the national brand of Croatia:
$32 billion

Number of Amazon active users:
244 million
Population of Brazil:
204 million

Microsoft Office: 1.2 billion users
107 languages spoken
Cyprus: 1.2 million population
2 official languages spoken (Greek and Turkish)

With 333,000 employees and 447 factories in 86 countries, Nestlé is the world’s largest food maker, peddling its products in 196 nations.

Founded just last year to serve as the parent company for Google, this multinational tech conglomerate has a market cap of $547 billion, making it the world’s most valuable public company.

Uber’s car fleet
1.1 million
U.S. government vehicle fleet

Providing low-cost tele­communications tech for the developing world, Huawei services and products are in 170 countries.

Number of Vodafone mobile customers
461 million
U.S. population
323 million

The world’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev has a 46 percent market share in the United States.

Annually, Maersk ships 11 million containers to nearly every port in the world. If all of its containers were piled together, they would equal 8,550 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other.

Goldman Sachs’s assets under supervision (2015)
$1.2 trillion
Russia’s international reserves (2015)
$368 billion

Halliburton’s 2014 capital expenditures
$3.3 billion
Czech Republic’s 2014 military expenditures
$2 billion

Providing the plumbing of corporate modernization worldwide, Accenture’s employees work in more than 200 cities in 55 countries.

McDonald’s representation
36,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries
Number of American military sites around the world

Average age of an Emirates plane:
6 years
Average age of Canadian air force’s CF-18 fighter jet:
27.5 years

Facebook’s total energy use, 2013
822 million kilowatt-hours
Bermuda’s total energy use, 2013
664 million kilowatt-hours

Alibaba’s sales during its one-day online shopping festival in November 2015:
$14.3 billion
Chad’s annual GDP:
$14 billion

U.K. currency reserves (2014):
$108 billion
U.S. currency reserves (2014):
$434 billion
Japanese currency reserves (2014):
$1.3 trillion
BlackRock’s assets under management (2014):
$4.65 trillion

Languages spoken by McKinsey employees
More than 120
Languages recognized in Spain

Twitter revolutions:
Revolutions in U.S. history:

Parag Khanna (@paragkhanna) is the author of the forthcoming book Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization.

David Francis (@davidcfrancis) is a senior reporter for Foreign Policy.

A version of this article originally appeared in the March/April 2016 issue of FP under the title “Rise of the Titans.”



2 lovers 2gether, in love of iblis.

20 / 3 / 16


Wot a turn taking muslim killings of G – 8.  Since ww2 russia n america didn’t kill common enemies.  This time it’s innocent muslims n Syrians.



Where is the Truth? In yor Recognition.



Some Islamic perspectives:

1. https://www.instagram.com/p/_prURUkKlro9Gn5v3kJvFYCt-2TRwTt5P6G040/

2.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BBMtAZAEKhiMN3SlAhre6idWpcuc7y33lY5O640/

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4.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BC1CJB_kKvgNSfxVVR60pm2g6DvO6rFxtbF-Wg0/

5.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BCjjgX5kKkrAEqdI6SYWZrisbJSXGmgQUFa8kc0/

6.  https://www.instagram.com/p/6yoSRmkKg59NtALQfO63CaOSQ4QMjzVfxlaNw0/

7.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BCxxz3SEKvZIOPGm1VnE_LAxcZUY8BhQR209Ow0/

8.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BCo6v7SEKiqD3qiEYRAHm9JBPPtdN5vmnKvpKg0/

9.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BBnfR4jEKpuw8yuNXH6Am8Zu4uPfQoVnRKpRFM0/

10.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BCxv1RiEKr7Te4KS3fgh4as1hhOd2rAe4Pbe380/




24/2 /16


All the best sellers r usually r of the politicians. They hardly speak the truth specially about foreign policies. Also these r the 1s who r proven ccompulsive liars n adament killers of innocents.  Some of them r under oath n some w /o any respect 2 human decency n norms taking every1 else for a ride 2 sell their anti humanity war creation ill logics.

Still y people buy the memoirs or philosophies of these lowlives n bullies?  Havnt they been shamed in front of the world as liars, bully’s n nincompoop power hungry idiots? 1 reason is bcoz law allows these anti humanity shytwans 2 change their face by showing another role @ the end of their given terms but same mischievous responsibilities.  N y won’t a shytwans society reward these human named shytwans when these disspeakables were so successful in rewarding shytwan by either killing or keeping the truth out!  These large followers n some fool who forget the past of these characterless, greedy n power hungry idiots all ill actions patronize these evil sorcerers as well.

It’s about time dear muslims 2 throw away these satanic verses in2 the garbage n bring down Quran n sunnahs frm the shelves n start reading n implementing them n tell these brainless scoundrels who took oath also 2 destroy them – go 2 hell.