My Story

Salam (Islamic greetings, meaning peace to you)

Sometimes I write. I write for myself as well as for others sake. My most interest lies in Islamic matters. neither a scholar nor an specialist in dawah (invitation 2 Islam) but given my peculiar situation & wot I can understand from the basic teachings of Islam that there is a very deeply planned, complexly camouflaged & covertly financed completely hate, bigot, mislead & exploit conspiracy going on against Muslims by falsely setting up Islam as enemy. Primarily done thru unbelievably fine tuned massive sorcery program. These short term “gains” will never bring prosperity or peace in the mid 2 long term for those who r thinking that these r sustainable & evil helps human prosper . The reason being that simply evil never superceeds truth, time & trial proves it (read Quran for numerous proofs with scientific validations). But rather than waiting for that 2 happen, we as Muslims as well as humans hav obligation 2wards the humanity 2 point out 2 the general people of all faiths wot is going on & encourage them not 2 just b fooled by temporary gains of this evil system, but b literate n find out wot is the truth & wot shuod b done 2 the deceitful, immorals, evil practicing n lying conspirators. These r just not islams enemy but the whole humanitys.

I m a “special” & for a very long time victim of this lie n evil conspiracy. Also target of the prejudicial double faced arrogants evil plots 2 exploit me 2 spread hatred amidst hiding the truth. Since I hav Mashallah, so far, survived their tricks & tortures (still ongoing), I hav decided 2 share it all with the general public. That is my personal side of writing. I hope, better sooner then later, general people can come out of their ignorance, greed n complacency for their n humanitys future sake n b willing 2 understand n question the unethical practices. My write ups r true experiences of my horrific tenure with citibank, na since 1995. I hav been deceived, mislead & entrapped/forced in2 prolonged  & painful sorcery torture acts including intolerable filths. All bcoz I started doubting their ill intentions n resigned, which they resisted whenever I tried before the final 1. My writings r subject 2 all sorts of censorships. My religious activities hav been forcrfully stopped by evil sorcery. To these evils, it seems, human dignity & life has no value. Wot they r up2 n trying 2 hide r in my writings. Please read the following facts:

Their evil plans r all designed & performed 2 show Muslims instead r 2b blamed & called terrorists.

Hopefully soon the evils will b brought 2 justice b4 severe consequences of conflicts erupts due 2 the unabated, blatant falsifications n possibly most outrageous consipiracies in the history of mankind against Islam. Inshallah (Allah willing) I will continue 2 write with the highest integrity as I did so far & 2 the best of my knowledge to highlite wotever evil power showoffs n unethical practices (writings, lecturing, connotations, threats etc.) comes in my way, along with some basic Islamic philosophies and/ or teachings. Hopefully it will create a common ground for understanding each other rather than being ignorant & exploited 2 create conflicts, which the evil sorcerers want. I, like my religion Islam, want 2 c mutual respect & general trust among people of different faiths so that all can live happily & peacefully in this beautiful planet earth of ours.


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