About (Language – Shytwan’s Conspiracy)

The evolutiom of this paper is rather coincidental. With the picture card came the inspiration for shytwans dream. Also the prepared blogs time coincided with somthing needed for WordPress submission.
The next day while reviewing WP along with my submitted blog, I also read 1 of the blogs that came with the WP package. Something somewhere isn’t rite sort of reaction was the 1st thought.
So rather hurriedly I got down 2 inshallah write my findings down, also I wanted 2 b able 2 submit 2 blogs in 2 days. Although I finished the complete draft but as usal the submission.got delayed for very many reasons n blessings in disguise was, although very rare in cases like these, one of the valid reasons mashallah, I wud say.
Pls enjoy my poor English writing. Never fancy with words n don’t like 2 prolong – rather hit the subject hard or soft, as needed is my way of writing. Mashallah inspired after reading the hadiss’ of prophet Mohammad ( peace b upon him). His hadiss’ r w/o unnecessary words n precisely 2 the point, including all his dua’s (prayers) n also the very important 1s where he openly prayed 2 Allah for the Muslim ummah (solidarity n brotherhood). I also pray 2 Allah for stronger bondage among the Muslim ummah. Peace 2 all.



1 thought on “About (Language – Shytwan’s Conspiracy)

  1. This was the intro part. Now 2 read the blogs pls go bak up n tap menu. Once u get.2 the menu screen scrool a little bit.down n u will inshallah c the title of the blog; Languaage (Shytwans Conspiracy). 2 open it n read it, tap on it.


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