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A few days back as i was going thru the posts of a social site i pretty much stumbled upon a site of a young women. Only about 8–10 posts. the most recent one (oct, 2017) was:

A lost young girl who is still complaining anything odd in this world to her mother, but this one who had passed away leaving her dotter feeling helpless. she is still complaining about the cruelty of living to her mother. it is something that actually had been tot to her but in a spoiled way, due to that fact not realizing that she is saying those had not been tot to her. spoiled bcoz she had been kept in a cocoon ensured by her mother, instead of her dotter, any storm of life wud hit mom first so that she absorbed the evil protecting her dotters fresh rosy, humble & innocent soul.

she was tot how to face disasters & adversaries thru her deen – islam. there it is said in such situations to hav patience & perseverance being steadfast on tawakaltu allallahi. having not realized that she is allowing her nervous & unhappy mind deceive her into thinking that making such strong allegations will bring back her moms tender cares & she will chase away like before all her insecurities. but, in fact, actually she is being very cleverly deceived by shytwan.

Then u c her another post next to the above picture. the first & only reaction is absolute awe with jaw drop with a chill on ur back. I dont understand hindi or urdu but thru the very few common words with bangla & the general sense added with the following vid post i wonder how is she now?

I felt compelled to make a comment more so having seen the other idiotic comments. my comment:

Despite all the popularities held, all i cud care to say to late nusrat fateh ali khan, burn in hell u god damned evil. a living proof of y heavy instrumental songs r called evils quran.

I wish well to her & others who r undergoing thru such mental agonies. let their souls find peace.

To u all:

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