Qur’an, Signs & Science


The Qur’an is the holy scripture of the religion Islam. It has, among many of its mentioned synonyms in the kitab itself, in our generation it also earned a name as book of signs.

Here r a few signs that science has confirmed, after 1400++ years ago these signs were already given to the human beings. There r many signs those hav been discovered
and likely many signs which r yet inshallah to b discovered remains in the miraculous ayahs of the holy Qur’an. Yes miracle, there is an entire book published by a renowned computer scholar showing that each & every alphabet within the Qur’an is chosen & written in a way, which in many numerical designs sets the Qur’an written, grammatically structured & read like a normal book, yet totally encoded by many hidden numeric formations & definitions. So that if a single alphabet is to b changed the miraculous number coding will break down. In other words as Allah challenges that if human beings & jinns together tried still they will fail to create similar to one simple sura like in the Qur’an.

Qur’an, Signs & Science

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