Allah called Qur’an al Furqan 


March 26, 2017

IG post few days back: (updated)

Salam. Where do we learn to make choices. Of course from al Furqan (the book of criterion), as Allah called Qur’an in this name as well. One can choose religion but not criterions. Since the criterions r defined clearly n one can live comfortably n freely within the human spiritual, social, financial, ethical, decency, halal/ haram etc boundaries set by Allah as a complete code for an individual’s personal n social norms. Prophet Mohammad saw has taught the human beings thruout his 25 years of prophethood how to interpret, implement these criterions in a Muslims daily life.

As Islam gives the freedom as one wishes tobe a nonmuslim, similarly Muslims as well has the freedom to perform as they feel comfortable, convenient to live their lives within the framework of Allahs mandates. He can pray at home or in the masjid, depending on his health n discretion althou he knows praying in masjid is encouraged by more rewards.


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