The whole irresponsible & wreckless terrorism acts were designed by the crusader terrorists, which is obvious from their arrogant power abusing acts n con acts which I hav given in details in my various write ups. They r responsible for the 9/11 evil act using the Arabs thru mind control with shytwan jinn aided programs. The same axis of evil made of Hindus, Jews & Christians afterwards designed many more evil powered terrorism acts. They r indiscriminantly killing innocent people, lying & becoming more desparate & irresponsible evil power users as they remain sheltered. They started the whole conspiracy of terror for the following:

–  2 divert attention from me after their locking me up in Britain failed & worried about a slimy Hindustani & 2 save the lier, crook who is luved by Jews & Christians. With the help of British evils Americas evil intentions in Muslim countries financial, political & economic intervention n destruction became easier n cheaper thru incompetent Hindustanis managing the evil Jewish bank Citibank, na, not 2 underestimate the pimp bank hsbc

– in tune with Bill clintons Islam is enemy policy, was the foolish Hindustani Citibank idiots gestures n actions.  Then came the g w bushes war on terrorism setup showing all out Hindu, Jew n Christian revenge on gay n usuary hater Muslims, making every1 forget the mock rivalry between the gays n bi’s vs super perverted so called straights in their power weilding bank. All these true terrorists luvs 2 setup muslims 2b killed by america, nato n their sorcery appreciating few dictatorial states like Saudi Arabia, Russia 2b named among the Americas best kept secret terrorist states. 

All of them r busy establishing a crusader global power by killing n looting Muslims & their resources. Acheiving by setting up a very shrewd self incriminating corrupt media helped propaganda where  bush 2 djt & tony blair 2 theressa r only liars even after cing their inhuman war practices n probably also knowing their evil power using illegal acts. Another purpose is being achieved, the evil Hindustani n his promoters r forgotten n an evil lab of sorcery was opened & still continuing on me.

I never imagined my journey of being a normal human being wud b so much envied by the evil eagles eye. Unwinding this evil seems 2b even harder. The more their atrocities increases, the more I become helpless n seek only Allah’s help, the more arrogant they become.

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Friday the 1st (of April)

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