Bangladesh Map


This little n beautiful land hav brought u up mashallah as good Muslims n conscience human with the opportunity 2 learn 2 respect for humanity n show compassion for all fellow citizens even those r not mainstream Bangladeshi Muslims. It has also taught u thru its rich culture n long history of tolerance 2 never compromise with haram n evil but 2 uphold the law of islam which guarantees basic human rites on life, property n religion 2all, w/o disturbing or instigating others. Allah has ordered every muslim 2b patriotic n sacrifice at his countrys needs. In case 1s life gets sacrificed Allah has promised him the highest honor n reward in the akhera. Allways luv yor country n pray for it so that it becomes a truly ideal Islamic country which will b a terror for the evils n exploiters, but a peaceful place for all 2 live in who respects the laws, religion, cultures n peoples of Bangladesh. All the famous history makers r generally known 2b patriots. Among them the best example is our prophet Mohammad saw who is mashallah the history’s bravest heart n example of a true patriot.

Those who wud like 2 contribute 2 this map (by adding a point of interest, historical places, something important 2 our culture n heritage, anything imp u think shud b added) please let me know n I will open it up for u for further buildin on it n keep/distribute copies of it. It’s convenient if u download MY MAPS app by Google.

Bangladesh Map

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