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Published yesterday in fb.

Annoyed with the evil chants of 3 election engineers of us n their chronies in uk n Hindustan since 5 am. Also showing the Hindu chanter (terrorists bankers likes 2 hear that) is my rescuer crook, actually a big CROOK designed entrapping me out of my bathroom 2 collect American food by forcing loose motion by making me eat garbage thru their specially designed long term planned evil “maid chef”. Her good for nothing another evil n dotter, is now given 2 the darling of evils aunt so that like British n American evil mothers the filthy idiot can again b used, was only shown 2 me as an evil leading 2 amma’s unnatural death. Had 2 rewrite this deleted n forgotten last line.

Cheers 2 all evils mentioned above by torture n confession designer n Hindu evils must b saved at the expense of Muslims by killing them quietly clintons, bushes, obamas, trumps, theressas, modis chief evil wishes coordinator who claims from time 2 time 2b British, American or Hindu. Definitely a clever like no1 had seen b4 n an expert Hindu ritual expert Hindu converter. C even after confession thru evil slime ball Hindu like acts n tower bridge pains how I make  Muslims in2 suicidal acts of CIAs we listen 2 our evil presidents for whom the religiously evil n terrorist bankers had designed everything.

The White House chef has set nothing with the plumber which story we r cutting off bcoz the drama had been set by our Jewish best friends of Christians n Hindus. Now it’s up2 u trump n Obama whether u want further increase this humiliating evil or go bak 2 3way modis evil wish fulfilling acts. 

PS; evils at its max knows sorcery makes others forget Australia has allowed the evil nation 2 open base n have been threatening me using my expat sister.

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Friday the 1st (of April)

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