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In quran Allah says whenever he wishes 2 get something done, he simply says “qun” meaning be after that it will b done instantaneously said in quran as “faya qun”.

Hoping, wishing n praying 2 Allah that he had enuf of these jinns, hindus, judio – christianity axis of evil sorcery for loot, torture, killing, act of god of obama a shame less  loser, killer, humiliated evil  n all his accomplices –  willingly or praid b severely  punished by the qun execution of Allah.  The terrorists bankers list I have made public but hidden by the authority of the dishonest president of America b in the headlines of every major newspapers all over the world  in inshallah all languages n let the public judge the Islam blamer liars n criminals under  the harshest but honest legal system promptly. 

Few  nut cases think they can pull the  nuclear trigger from the space station 2 avoid the humiliation of being exposed n treated equally like the people they have falsely entrapped n executed.  These  maddogs have in their  contingencies 2 kill the entire humanity but for the few  of them shaytwans a space station safe haven till the radiation comes down 2 tolerable levels.  Then the Queers plan 2 return 2 earth n implement their  long time dreams of a big ole asshole country named u (ultah or upside down like prophet lut alyhis salams country waa done having been turned in2  all sodom country) s (same sex stinks) a (big assholes) shaytwans country.

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Friday the 1st (of April)

You can't fool all the people all the time

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