Secret of America’s Success #2

The missing 1s fm the original blog.  They hate 4 for some reason.  Probably 2 protect July 4 n august 4 (monkey president of usas bday) sorcerers evil actions.




Can’t c wot I am sending so small fonts n given #s removed.   They hav planz…,…..wot a clown nation!!!


1 Comment

  1. More n more nigga power of Hinduism’s # sorcerer n homosexual bankers avenger. Wiping out my writings n # of times n make me rewrite makes the niger look devine n bastard monkey nation innocent n vindictivly happy.

    As predicted (y I cud only barely c the posted pics n couldn’t enlarge them) they have changed 1 of the screenshots which said we pass. Monkies got brains 2 demoralize!? By the way it is a regular torture item of a retard nation.


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