America’s Secret 2 Success



Here is a perfect example of kafirs plans n action bringing in unimaginable result. These “fair? observers” published a very lengthy n glossy phd thesis like article on “deprived” blak american muslims.  Thats how they drew my attention. The rest u can c in the mail xchange. 

They r simply too comfortable under us government.  Thats y they hav chosen THE monkey niger president n his muslim killer natión over allah. If not, they (possibly a cia shop) wud hav tried 2 find out the min bakgrounds n circumstential evidences or even facts of the ..  Wot made them 2 totally write off some 1 who is whistleblowing on a proven killer govt n its associates?  Wot is their evidence that i am wrong?  Y r they absolutely non caring n against the ummah?






It only took the johnny only 2 minutes 2 read my response  2 his queries, analyse the whole thing, come 2 a decision n write an answer 2 me!  I sent at 00:48 n he responded at 00:51.  Way 2 go …..efficiency, but I wonder if he is a human?


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