24/2 /16


All the best sellers r usually r of the politicians. They hardly speak the truth specially about foreign policies. Also these r the 1s who r proven ccompulsive liars n adament killers of innocents.  Some of them r under oath n some w /o any respect 2 human decency n norms taking every1 else for a ride 2 sell their anti humanity war creation ill logics.

Still y people buy the memoirs or philosophies of these lowlives n bullies?  Havnt they been shamed in front of the world as liars, bully’s n nincompoop power hungry idiots? 1 reason is bcoz law allows these anti humanity shytwans 2 change their face by showing another role @ the end of their given terms but same mischievous responsibilities.  N y won’t a shytwans society reward these human named shytwans when these disspeakables were so successful in rewarding shytwan by either killing or keeping the truth out!  These large followers n some fool who forget the past of these characterless, greedy n power hungry idiots all ill actions patronize these evil sorcerers as well.

It’s about time dear muslims 2 throw away these satanic verses in2 the garbage n bring down Quran n sunnahs frm the shelves n start reading n implementing them n tell these brainless scoundrels who took oath also 2 destroy them – go 2 hell.

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Cradle to Cradle


Friday the 1st (of April)

You can't fool all the people all the time

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