Niger & Apple Trap 

d 21/2/16

Pls read my earlier blog 2day Apple Samacher.


Did anyl notice apple didn’t mention any dates or leave any address or link for expert/ technical inquiries. There is also no blog or comment space. 

Little background I hav been trying for more than a week now 2 get apple 2 respond on my troubleshootings. I had called them but only 2 b heard yor govt nas restrictions on FaceTime, but  cudnt get them 2 answer my question y not for others. Think all the rest i-net call apps r us based as well. Also Bangladesh doesn’t make 2 in2 their long list ot countries (probably hoping niger b4 leaving office cud do a miracle on their nations accumulated hard work 2 convert it in2 west bengal). Same was the case when I was in citiibank n the British lied his way out when I put the question in tront of the senior management forum.

I won’t b surprised if this had been issued by the Dhaka u s embassy under direct order of a too clever niger who hates Bangladesh n Bangladeshis guts as much as he hates muslims in love ot his terrorists homosexual religious extremists nations twisted bankers. 

PS: with an American CEO robi axiata has also finally taken the nikab off their face.  Within couple of days of loading my sim in2 the iPad the baster has restricted the sims call (both ways) activities n doesn’t act on my lodged complains.

Customer Letter – Apple 

In the Apple Samacher blog.


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