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Dec 24, 07:04PM



really some “sad n fake” religions they follow. yet they claim 2b maitaining world peace. how? thru the 1 after anothet crusade schemes – operation desert storm 2 arab spring continuity of biznrss (cob) fm bush sr. 2 obama. the latest string of crusades hav made britain n america the largest #s of muslim killers in the entire history of islam. y no1 is saying or writing about it?

r we scared of their weapons, none of which can b triggeted unless allah wishes so. not only that also he can 2 deliver justice, make themselves kill each other with the weapons they hav made 2 coerse n kill humanity. or r we dazzled with the duniya that they hav created with the help of shytwans? havent allah destroyed previous tyrant powers? our quranic stories r tall tales of the past 2 them n 2 some of us. but we hav 2 beleive their blatant lies about nobody named jesus christ or moses, least they b prophets, astagfirillah. we only know thru quran that there were 2 bani israeli (family of istael) prophets moses n isa ibna mariyam (isa son of mariyam) – may allah b pleased with them. their followers r called yahuds n nasarahs (the name of the place isa ibna mariyam preached). some of our religious n non religious “atels” say since these 2 false names r connected with taurrah n ingil (bofh religiously banned for dangerous alterations n most importantly for having been replaced by quran) so the names r acceptable! for those it is acceptable all of theirs names r donkey with a # 2 distinguish 1 fm the other 2 me with their logic for desecrating the names of prophets of islam. no muslim hav heard of any prohets dob except prophet mohammad saws in quran n sumnah.

now this false celebration of a bday of a false prophet of a wrongly renamed religion is creeping beedah (a new but wrong religious cultures) in2 islam. this is unacceptable we hav 2 b careful not allow ourselves get overexposed 2 this rildiculous cultutre of lies, impositions n hypocrisy. once they find us lost of our own faith n kissing up2 them thats when they stab us fm the bak. n for those who preach compromise in the name of religious tolerance those r the most unpatriotic bastards who wants 2 ruin his country by allowing all sorts of evil eventually allowed with the help of western losers.

finally, for me inshallah prophet mohamnads bday is reciting xtra darud, quran n salah. also read some good sahih hadid n contemplate on how far mashallah i hav been able 2 implement them in my life. more or less a private matter in lov of my bloved teacher n guardian the champion of middle path – prophet mohammad saw.

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ayibeebee(Aisha عائشة)
Western double standard…
Muslimah = Oppressed
Nun = Devoted

May Allah safeguard Islam&the Muslims😇

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