Too Clevers or Absolutely Fools


Praising (or blaming) Allah
(23/12/15 renamed n revised, original 17/11).


Beautiful write up! however, there is another side of it of which we shud b cautious of.

While Allah says shytwan conspires but he is all knowing n he has plans too. Thats y we c at the end Allah’s plans allways wins. But the humiliated shytwans try n unfortunately hides behind such reasonings n swiftly n cleverly shifts the whole burden of blame on Allah as if, astagfirillah, the whole saga was designed by him sadistically 2 try his subjects
So when u r making up such analogies 2 a person or a situation u shud take xtra care n make sure u know the true story. May Allah protect us fm lying n deceiving shytwan.

Also remember the following 2 grab the shytwan by its forlock



Categories Deep conspiracy of shytwan against humanity, Rules in Islam, Science, Torture thru Sorcery, U. S. of Amrerica, Voice against evil n injustice
Cradle to Cradle


Friday the 1st (of April)

You can't fool all the people all the time

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