Wot if earrh people inshallah start cing sun rise from the west starting 2day.  Meaning instead of Japanese people it will b (i don’t know the length of geography that sunrise covers) all the way fm Alaska 2 Chile that will c the 1st sunrise of the day in about less then couple of hours. 

R we inshallah really  close 2 kiyamah or the day of reckoning?  Shud we b scared or think like death it might happen anytime, so business as usual (bau).  Moreover, there r other sets of events mentioned by prophet Mohammed saw which apparently seems cant b done in 24 hours.  It could b few days, months or years before the final shutdown, only àllah knows better.

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Salam. The day of reckoning, it seems, is looming just overhead. As it is proclaimed in islam through its prophet Mohammed saw that inshallah a similar matter will happen in the earth which will b considered as a precursor for the event which quran aĺso calls in the name dukkhan (smoke, surah # 44), is a synonym of kiamah. Since only earths matters r said in islam, this phenomenon in mars is probably the beginning of a natural balancing acts of the planets n obviously a warning for the humans.

After that happens inshallah few more proclaimed strange events will take place in quick sucsessions leading 2 the last day of all creations by allah. 1 important thing 2 b noted that Allah will close the opportunity for taubah (asking forgiveness thru repentance) after any 1 of the warning  elements of dukkhan described by prophet Muhammad starts.



Tasbih n tahlil in the pic besides:

Astagfirillah, r
Subhan Allah, alhamdulillah, la elaha illallah, allhu Akbar.

Meanings of the chants:
Allah pls forgive, glory 2 Allah, all praise 2 Allah, there is no god but Allah, Allah is the greatest.

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Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah (Lord of the Worlds)

We are all for Allah (created for his need), to him shall we all return

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