OIC News (Reblogged)

Salam. some major concerns relating 2 how OIC ia being run. specially its interaction with GCC member countries.
my warning 2 the ummah, if we cant get rid of syrias evil bashar soon then we will loose control of mekkah n medina 2 the yahud n nasaras (jew n christians).

Mocking an Artist of the Killing World


The best seeds sown 2day wiill inshallah b the staple for future



a very imp meeting on helping syrian  refugees.   wonder how the enemies of islam got their way of pleasing the judio christan motives of keeping the rebel fighters out of the agenda when both r interchangeably linked.

this is simply outrageous!  this is nothing else other then another scheme like palestine where the west cries foul on peace, hypocrits when allready ordered camp israel 2 murder certaain # of palestinians n then picks up the fon talks 2 oic in the name of showing sympathy but the intention is 2 ensure that oic calls up a meeting.  this meeting serves 2 purposes; 1st it  fools every member state that the occ (elite club compised of s arabia, kuwait, quatar etc.) countries r contributing a lot for palestinian now it will b syrian cozes whereas  they r…

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