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Germany: a country that allows no speed limits in its autobahns or hiways, a reflection of their overconfidence of theirs “super race” humans 2 make negligible mistakes as drivers, civil engineers 2 make perfect load bearing n carpeted hiways n auto engineers 2 make break down proof cars.  Yet there r accidents n deaths in german autobahns.

Ignoring the deaths this super crusader monkey countries driving confidence has spilled over again 2 ww 1&2 level blood thirst. America, britain n its own sorcery capability is behind this countries ambitions.  U think i am bsing in the middle of the nite?  I  challenge fifa 2 rearrange the football world cup final replay in dhaka between germans n not even brazil  but any of the quarter final teams within next 2 months.  U will c inshallah absolutely pure monkey dance by the german players 2 stp the  bjggest humiliating defeat of the german sorcerer team!  But 1 thing has 2 b done that is all vatican, american, british n non player germans cannot b in dhk on fm 1 day b4 the game day. Also if russians n hindustanis cud b included.


America says Run (german) Shepard Run


Finally the recently started (compared 2 bbc n voice of america, probably started 5 yrs bak) bangla service of.duetsche welle has started 2 bark around the territories of topics of.american interests. Showing barking on behalf of american plans n ultimate deceitful sorcery related projects while, hollywood reenactments plays on in dhaka of run kutta (dog) run, it is my hunch wot westerners r good at ie., a pure double act is bing played by both the countries 2 make the poklitical waters of this country more marky. They say it is easier 2 catch fish in the marky waters

Not at all gentlemen of the 2 monkey crusader countries u hav just been told
wots the catch of the nite is n the side dish is german shepard’s meat mixed with okra soup.  Its gratis for the 2 humiliated, extortionist, thieves n beggar countries.  Finally we ask u quitely n politely leave your dining country n never 2 come bak here again – GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY, BASTARDS.

PS., the goddamned country reported on info law # 57.


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