Ungrateful Immorals





America’s East India Co. (never heard or read history repeats so precisely).


finally the evils gave up. 2day 10/7/15. @1550. 

in front of the whole world, aft 6. days of blatant terrorism against a muslim who had. made them TOO MUCH MONEY,  n stopped working with them with dignity as soon.as he found out how hypocratic n bak stabbing they r!
Allahu akbar.


4 july 2015

caption: ramadan in jerusalem.

that was the caption for this pic.. people hav 2 suffer so much, hurdle such a huge obstacle just 2 get about their daily life 2 survive, 2 support their family! n this is the month of ramadan, the most blessed month of the year. this is peace process of l o n g 75 yrs? u 3 evils make long n towering hi walls after all those yrs of spell, barbarisms, most shameless act of deceiving, lying n stealing wot ritefully owns 2 others. now u 3 stooges usa, uk n camp israel u think u can hide n relax bhind those blood soaked, humanity humiliated, “god damned” walls n consolidate yor evil ambitions? NO! absolutely NOT!

each n every muslim i am sure will inshallah n also i pray 2 allah, 2 remind them specially allah yor near n dear pure souls, those whose calls u nevet refuse. pls remind them 2 earnestly supplicate for all suffering muslims 2 stop injustice on them by these 3 complicated game players n whoever is directly or indirectly helping them in this widespread evil n conspiracy against islam 2 b brought under justice n humiliating punishments n in the shortest time. possible. bsides u hav given us exsmples of how u hav severly dealt with tyrant n arrogant nations in the past, y shudnt it b the same now? Muslims alongwith humaniity is bing slaughtered fm algeria 2 syria, fm chechnya 2 kashmir n also bdesh n how far east or west it will spread it. will spread only u know.

“..that. allah has 2 punish the hypocrites, men n women, and the unblievers, men n women, and allah turns, in mercy 2 the.blieveres,, men n women: for allah is oft forgiving, most merciful.” (quran 33:73).

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