Smelling Rats

no thots. just saw in wp admin 2 pingbak. tapped that the story opened with instructing reblogg. so no 2nd thots 2 wot i wrote. thnx.

Write No Evil


Hey guys! I can smell rats in yor religious blieves n practices, it just takes 1% loss in yorself 2 bcome a 99% rotten like me. So get smart. Cheers.

(Long story short, the story started with an idea fm anofher piccard but cudbt b located later. So the current piccard also perfectly matched the story)

Cant b better said in so few words. life.”teaches” us wot is true love. before that for the most like me, unfortunately, it is all about a fools world.

We fall for it the 1st time only 2 discover that it has taken away all the love, energy n faith fm our life. then again we step in2 the trap perfected by shytwan n start blaming our fate among few other things. blaming fate is blaming allah, when actually he had so lovingly saved u fm yor avowed enemy shytwan determined 2 destroy u…

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