Smell Rats


Hey guys! I can smell rats in yor religious blieves n practices, it just takes 1% loss in yorself 2 bcome a 99% rotten like me. So get smart. Cheers.

(Long story short, the story started with an idea fm anofher piccard but cudbt b located later. So the current piccard also perfectly matched the story)

Cant b better said in so few words. life.”teaches” us wot is true love. before that for the most like me, unfortunately, it is all about a fools world.

We fall for it the 1st time only 2 discover that it has taken away all the love, energy n faith fm our life. then again we step in2 the trap perfected by shytwan n start blaming our fate among few other things. blaming fate is blaming allah, when actually he had so lovingly saved u fm yor avowed enemy shytwan determined 2 destroy u. but shaytwan is a persistently patient menace, n we r persistent sucekers of this compulsive n con liar.

as we repeatedly by making such mistakes get habituated 2 a sort of “modern” lifestyle then we also start loving it n we try 2 defend this unholy life by reconciling thru off late available many shock absorbtion mechanism(s) and/ or thinking, if mentally n physically strong enuf n dodged the mechanisms this time around, we hav bcome wiser thru the.learning curve of last set-bak. just 2 b fooled again 2 find out how lethaly innovative can shytwan b in taking revenge on humans. but allah is allways there 2 help u n rescue u fm shaytwans plots.

so luv allah as even more than u wud luv yor opposite sex life partners (if unmarried as u dream 2 love yor future husband; more then yor life(?) or its only lit (?), try 2 obey him n his orders, inshallah soon u will feel purity in yor mind n actions n able 2 communicate with him better. he will inshallah teach u n. even guide u 2 yor hearts fullfillment of the best love (turn 1 in2 if u r married) u were looking for.

trust me, allah is nothing but the example as well as the reason for the best loves all around u n inside u. he wants 2 c purity in love/ relationships bcoz he wishes 2 reward u in the future with lots of little pure loves n fullfillments. They will inshallah b his loving n caring next human generations 2 carry fwd allahs khilafat (representation) in this earth.& indeed these r the humans about whom; highly respectable imams like abdul kader gilani, gazzali, hanifa n the other 3 imams etc. had mentioned. Due 2 the perfection of their iman (strong faith) n amol (pure deed) they attain higher trustworthiness n respect then fereshtas (who r created with the quality 2 only do good n humans hav 2 choose the path between good or bad). only diff, according 2 these imams, between prophets n these most trustworthy human bings is that those who hav been “chosen” 2 b prophets r allahs intimate secrets for which we will never get answers so humanity will not benefit spoiling time researching on the subject.. Wud it b very.surprising if allah had chosen fm among examples of muslims 2 gift the humanity with inventors of many modern sciences eg., algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, geography, astronomical sdcinces, medical. sciences et al. On the contrary is it also very surprisung that muslims lost rhis incalculable inheritance.just bcoz they bcame lazy n started introducuing b’daat (new interpretations on islam).

in this amazing era of bio-medical science n genetic engineering i wish a researcher wud hav undertaken a study on human bastards. genetic engineering says for chance of 1% only coding difference (meaning with 99% similarity) rats r rats n humans r humans. I. wish darwin.was alive.& he wud probably sit the rest of his life in front of a monkey n a rat try 2 figure out which of these 2 resembles him……then 2 leave bhind a garbage theory with some very “powerful n vocal” followers. Based on this wreckiess n irresponsible act calling science, how many had bcome faithless or aythiest over generations until he was proven wrong?; Then the chicken or egg controversy creators – how effectively for a very long period of time they kept the human mind fm thinking by chanting the cute phrase. Scientists hav recently proven it is indeed chicken. They dont like 2 c human bings thinking bcoz thoughts always opened doors 2 wisdoms n solutiins. Even quran repeatedly urges human. bings 2 think; Thats y they keep humans busy in cute chants, vulger n unnecessary talks etc.

Now bak 2 my inquisitiveness. the reason i chose bastards bcoz sharia law says 2 kill the bastards; y kill that did not come 2 this world due 2 its own action ( perhaps that is the reason 2 kill it at the same time 2 warn the greater population of the outcome of this anti-social haram acts. This @ the same time give chance 2 the kid for jannat ( non-adolescents will not b judged but will b awarded jannat, but probably cud hav missed it if lived a longer life). r these the only reasons or there cud b other reasons too. allahs rahmat (blessings) reduces or withdraws when haram takes place.; can shytwan then take opportunity n do something which cud b detrimental 2 the 2b newborn and/ or thru it 2 the human society?. comparing.the study of bastards genes n genetic coding with a nornal human bings over the life of the 2, might inshallah shed some lite or may b not, on the doubt.

At the end of it all, we forget 1 simple thing that is, every element in this planet has been assigned a property by allah that it follows. The same thing we say in bangla; পক্রেক পদারথের একটি ধর্ম আছে। now if we take the word written in bangla – dhormo, the english translation for this word is religion (generally used as synonym for property). so wot is the religion or property of iron? If thrown in2 the water a solid piece of iron bar will allways sink due 2 its bigger mass tban water. All equals it cud hav been other way around had allah wished 2 define its religion other way around n we wud hav seen it floating. simularly, any human bing w/o the proper religion will sink in2 the shytwans world; n the 1 mashallah with proper religion will stay afloat.

Finally, i would like 2 dedicate this blog 2.Farhana’s Pikachu Girl. Lets smile little princess.



    1. I am cing a lot of that but not understanding yor poinht of views. How c u blatantly stamp islam as unapprovable? N repeatedly! R u having problems in interpreting yor common sense just 2 simply read n understand wot cud not b written any simpler (w/o jargons n whinings) 2 fellow nuslims where they r lagging bhind.
      there is usually a disclaimer used for”customer publication” in cases of diff of opinion or blive between the the author n pulisher both agrees on publisher stating – not necessarily our opinions or blieve.”


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