Wot? Wot dome!


Just by inventing a cute controversy provoking phrase like “chicken or egg”, the shytwans hav successfully created confusion in millions of.humans mind & kept them faithless for how many hundreds of yrs, only allah knows better.

they will allways.create phrases, isms – political philosophies, discussions, harrassments,  tortures, coercion, blackmail, threats, war et al , they feel necessary for promoting shytwan  n its causes.  they think they owe this 2 fheir “buddy n god” for making them richer then their merits – i also agree ecxcpt owe bak 2 the brainless arrogant self claimed god of the monkey kingdom.

the bombardment of gross cultures n uncontrolled nudity in2 our lives n in all areas of the society thru all sorts of medias like cable tv, i-net , movies, radios, dvds, cell fons etc. hav bcom u name the technology, we got it wth porno n in how many different innovative ways is indeed somewot mind boggling.  The con master of temptations creator iblis n its gang has got in its arsenal the most lethal, fast n effective technology in the human history 2 use against human bings 2 take them far away fm islam n turn them in2 perverts n then let them go.astray.

If we cant find a way 2 STOP it n reverse it we r bound 2 b a stupid retard philosophy driven shytwans hypocratic “in god ( where god means everything that is lie, filth, extremely disturbing n unacceptable 2 humanity on grounds of ethics, morality n decency) we trust” all say no blieve a bully country like us of a n its, at the same time, guru n chamcha nation uk .
Wot r we fearing, who r we fearing 2 fear Allah n 2 obey his orders which r unchangeable till the day of kiyamat? in 1400 yrs technology has changed (that is also bcoz allah alone decides when 2 give which technology, he didnt teach people 2 first make rocket then goru gari) but nothing changed in the software or hardware engineering of human bings. Now i ask the west n its covert operators “atels” in this country why wont sharia law b equally acceptable 2day like 1400 yrs ago, since u people say it is good for people 1400 yrs ago – who were same people like u. moreover, allah promises thru quran that he will never change the religion (bcoz it wont b necessary as he is not going 2 change our soft or hardwares, quran 30:30). The only thing that changed between then n now is some shytwans law made by humans 2 destroy islam n protect god-damned shrewd gafels like u. whose primary job is w/o knowing the facts create a very abnoxious duniya loving west backed anti islamic clan. these r elements of absolutely nonsense (although holding fancy degrees fm fancy named universities which r nothing but training grounds of aethism) shytwan loving peoples that always clings around the power core 2 make sure islam has no chance.

Well i hav a msg for u all “little learning is dangerous” atels. The western scientists whose few discoveries r making u feel ashamed 2 b bangladeshi n 2 hide yor weird inferior complexcity u hav bcome a fearless of allah n shameless foreign agent 2 yor fellow countryman, n worst yet yor god scientists (whom u thot had reached sidratul muntaha, which according 2 quran is the last limit of human knowledge, is the place described by.hazrat mohammad (saw) over the 7th heaven with a huge tree whose leaves r large like elephants ears. Hazrat gibril (alaihis salam) cud accompany the prophet up2 sidratul muntaha n had 2 return fm there, leaving the prophet underneath the described tree. This was the auspicious day allah had invited hazrat mohammad (saw) 2 meet him 1 to 1, mashallah the only human honored 2 meet allah during lifetime). Due 2 this somewot long n necesaary historical bakground we have slipped away a little bit fm the latest confessions

Now getting bak where we left, yor god scientists now equipped with much advanced science n technology hav started admitting that so far wotever they hav discovered is just like taking a peek here or taking a peek there in an unimaginably vast area. i add 2 that nothing discovered so far conflicts with the signs in quran n that is only  talking about  1st of the 7 heavens they were referring 2..scientists keep yor car batteries charged n head lites ready bcoz the next heavens wont probably b well lit by all sorts of celestial bodies bsides 1st heavens lites will b blocked by the dome over 1st sky.

atels, in absence of scientific proof wont u go bak 2 yor worst than religjously blind mollahs acts n add a new item there under topic ridiculous quran – dome? wot dome!  then start off yor prime time tv/ radio slots of educating us about the engineering marvels like superdome in new orleans, louisiana, us of a n wembly stadium dome in london, uk – n concluding no 1 else has got so much monkey egineering brains like these 2 n since their space project confirmed that they havnt “yet” undertook the project (taking opportunity 2 keep provisions just in case something indeed found in the futute, they can.invade n take possession of it………..), so their demeaning allah phrase saga continues n 2 them n thru them  the meaning of islam remains all bearded n mollahs who will never get over tall tale making islamic bullshits.

its really heartening 2 c in a society they hav created 2 uphold justice by saying n practicing truth, they say.  but c how biased, untrue n discriminatory they r 2 wards islam, shamelessly repetitively.  as if their lifelines will b cut off if they spoke about the truth w/o even accepting islam in2 their lives.

we cant hope much  cooperation fm the kafirs, so i urge majority muslim countries 2 encourage public  private universities n research organizations, software bizness entities 2 puf some extra efforts in2 islamization of all these technologies  bcoz allmost all of these  products hav inshallah tremendous potential  2wards benefitting humanitys as well as islams cause.  islamic  countries should significantly increase their r & d cobtributions in protecting the islamic borders.  wot is going on now is a very elabotate shytwans scheme 2 destroy the borders of islamic countries by majing us fall for filth kafir cultures   then we loose our seperate identity of a islamic country  n the kafirs start ruling us.  allH has made it mandatory for every muslims 2 defend their muslim countries border.  it is mentioed in the quran n thus a farj (mandatory act) for every muslims.we shud all think hard n deep in bow 2 perfod. our garj responsibility wbich is bing calle a  ultural invasaion, actually nothing  lbut a full flaged invasion of the information age.

if u hav meritorius kids en ourage them 2 ztudy in computer engineerjng or science.  the govt shud take a  pgm 2 increase the scholarship fund significantly for both public n private universities
over the next 10 yrs for meritorious and/ or  needy srudents also provide best lecturers opportunity n scholarships 2 improve their pgming skills.

finally, may allah help us, guide us in this battle against indecency n kufri.

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