Pordas (veils) in Islam

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah (Lord of the Worlds)



History of shytwan Repeats Itself

Recently germany was again in the news about challenging muslims obeying islamic dress codes. intl hijab/ nikab day’s blog was revamped n posted 2 several sites.

When a war crime is not properly punished this is wot u get. after grossly violating the jewish rites now they r again starting 2 show off their stupid arrogance by trying 2 violate muslim religious rights. This naked aggression against islam must b arrested now by dealing with it most severly. Punishing them if they ever attempt again 2 insult tihe muslims, their religion islam n its culture n heritage, and for these matters each n every country that tries 2 follow the footprint of hate n lunacy of germany shud also b severly reprimended.  if at this nascent stage these scattered acts of prejudice n biogotry cannot b uprooted then its evil roots n branches…

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  1. If u havnt already read these 2 blogs – Misunderstood Islam Clarified n History of shytwan Repeats Itself, then u shud, 2 get almost a comprehensive scetch on hijabs n nikabs..


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Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah (Lord of the Worlds)

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